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- Brigitte Lang
"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well." The Olympic Creed-Baron Pierre de Coubertin

When I was a young girl I spent a lot of time on my bicycle. At 10, I got on my bike in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada and rode out to the country to the house where I grew up. It took me all day but I cherished the trip, especially the winding dirt roads with rivers alongside them, majestic trees and the fresh country air. I kept my explorations to myself because any adult in their right mind would have flipped knowing how far from home I traveled at such a young age. But for me, I look back and smile at the peace, happiness and sense of victory this trip gave me.

In my twenties I purchased a racing bike that cost $1000. This consumed every cent I earned from working two jobs. As I rode, I increased my speed pushing myself beyond any previous adventure. I practiced and trained every night after work and, on weekends, rode for hours and hours. Never did I let any negative thoughts or hardships inhibit my journey.

The first time I rode with a professional bicycle group I came in dead last and physically sick from the effort. I decided that in my next race, I would do slightly better. I came in next to last. And then I came in next to next to last. And so on. Until I became a pretty good biker beating many of the other riders. Even though I never came in first, each race became a greater thrill. In my thirties I slowed down a bit and decided to trade my racing bike for a simple cruising bike. My spirit and love for riding had me off again on more adventures but now not as far and not as fast but with the same amount of joy and enthusiasm.

In my mid-thirties I had an injured knee that deteriorated to the point that through several surgeries and a complete knee replacement I could finally walk again. With these limitations, I traded my simple cruising bike for a three wheel bike with a basket on the back. This was no racing bike, but it did win me the peace and happiness that my adventures brought me in the past.

Today I'm back to the cruising bike. I have refused to change who I am because of a damaged knee and now, although more cautious, I always look forward to my next adventure.

The Olympic spirit continues to be light inside me no matter what pace my sport has taken. You, too, can keep the Olympic spirit alive in you regardless of obstacles. After all, the important thing in life is not a destination, it's the adventure taken along the way. Be sure to pass a copy of The Happy Times Monthly/The Happy Herald to people who join you on your trip.

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