Photo Essays - Babe And Me.

- by Ruth J. Hamilton

I lost my dog. No! it wasn't because she ran away. Illness took her after 13 years of devoted love. This story isn't because of her recent death. She left us two years ago. But, I choose to write it to honor her and perhaps offer solace to others who have lost an important animal in their life.

From the day she came home with me she was a lover - always intelligent, caring and sharing. Babe liked all people and animals. One hundred and ten pounds of shy German Shepherd - but able to express herself in her own way. Loving the pet cats. Letting them rest inside her big front paws and lick her eyelashes. Being curious and worried if anyone fell ill. Memories abound. The one I want to share is what I experienced after she left us.

I was devastated. I had lost my best friend who had seen me through many bad times and good. I cried a lot. Wished upon wish that she were back. One day out of nowhere came a vision of her. She was frolicking in a green field of daisies. And, she was with her friend Tanta, my friend's black lab who died a short time before Babe. Somehow it made me feel better. My daughter called the next day to ask how I was doing after the loss. I began to cry as we talked about Babe. With no previous knowledge of my experience the day before my daughter said "You know Babe is running in a big green field with flowers and she's with Tanta. Babe's happy, Mom." I gasped out loud. It was exactly the same scene I had seen. Until then I thought I had only had a bit of wishful thinking.

At that moment I knew my experience was real. Babe obviously wanted me to know she was doing well and confirmed it. I knew then that death hadn't separated us at all. Her gift to me truly expanded my knowledge. It let me believe that animals continue to exist on another level after death. Our life together wasn't the end. Hopefully, if she isn't too busy, we will see each other again sometime.

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